Cool and mysterious black jewelry
WAGs favor black jewelry, people did not expect, these players love the beauty of the people does not seem to be weak woman, mastering black jewelry, both type and cool, sexy and mysterious will be just perfect.
German star Hummels girlfriend Casey - Fisher
Black exaggerated ring earrings with black lace, sexy, cool taste in revealing personality.
Germany star Schweinsteiger girlfriend Sarah - Britney Dena
Black necklace with a sense of national costumes palace, highlighting retro fashion taste.
Damiani D.Icon black ceramic earrings
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Chaumet black ceramic inlay ring
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Green chest piece dress, fishnet stockings, red shoes, not to mention a show of hands every move she makes, pile pieces gave this passionate man race adds feminine fashion taste.
Jennifer - Lopez is no doubt a good figure, she was a hip cast worth 350 million U.S. dollars (about 2.17 billion yuan) insurance, can be described as the world's "most expensive hip" was.
And she is so good figure in fashion circles is also rare - it offers more possibilities for her dress choice.

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